- Sep 2016

Jan James has donated a large amount of material to WAGS as part of her Avon Valley Collection. Amongst this material, two books of great importance to the Martin family are now on the shelves at the WAGS library in Bayswater. Note that Jan has published under the names of Janice Young and Jan Goodacre as well as Jan James.

  • A History of James Hitchcock : pioneer settler to the Swan River settlement 1842. / by Jan Goodacre. This book has the cover title:  Warmstone Waddesdon To: Western Australia " a humble beginning". The library code is GE 929.2 HIT. I had previously had access to excerpts from this book but never the whole book before I was able to borrow it from WAGS. There are a record 26 marriages (that I know of) between the Hitchcock and Martin families. You can see a number of them in the Hitchcock family chart but many are still living so you wont see them on this site.
  • The Hannett family of Western Australia, 1853-1980 / compiled by Janice M. Young ; cover designed by Robert E. Nelson. The code for this very rare book is VF 929.2 HAN (which means that it is in the filing cabinet near the family history section of the shelves). Before I borrowed this book from WAGS recently, I had never seen it before. Astoundingly there are 14 marriages between Hannett descendants and Martin descendants recorded in this book. I have added a chart for the Hannett Family to the Linked Families set of charts. Access to a digital copy of this book is available via the EDR at the WAGS Library.