These are the heads of the major Martin/Adams lines in Australia plus the Forward and Byfield heads who are ancestors of my 1st wife.

  • William Adams My ggg grandfather and the male head of our Adams family in WA.
  • Edward Byfield Only one Byfield married a child of William and Lucy Martin but I have researched the whole family.
  • Charles Christmass The bulk of the Christmass family in WA are descendant from George Christmass and Hannah Martin and are hence also Martins.
  • William Forward Although only three of William Forward's children married Martins, I have researched them all.
  • Elizabeth Martin My ggg grandmother and the female head of our Adams family in WA.
  • Henry Martin My ggg grandmother's brother who immigrated to NSW in 1838.
  • John Martin My gggg grandfather and the father of the three Martin children who came to Australia in the 1830's, though John remained in England.
  • William Martin My ggg grandmother's brother and male head of our Northam based WA Martin family.
  • Alfred Minchin The descendants of Alfred Minchin and Lucy Martin cover a lot of the WA Minchins but there are other lines that I have not researched.