Details of books which I have found which are either about the family, mention family members or were written by a family member. I would be very pleased to hear of other books that I should look at about the family.

Western Pioneers : the battle well fought / by J.E. Hammond; edited by Osland K Battye. Published by Imperial Printing Company, 1936 (I have copies of the original 1936 edition as well as the 1980 Facsimile Edition. The Adams family are featured on pages 152-155.)

Founders & Felons : and other who have shaped Fremantle's history. A tour guide for the Fremantle Cemetery Historical Walk Trail. (I have a copy. William & Elizabeth Adams are no. 35) 

The Story of Rockvale and Malabaine /by Alfred Lawrence and Lorraine Eddy. Published by Alfred Lawrence & Lorraine Eddy. (I have a copy but I have never seen another one!)

The Peter Hedland Story /by Inger Nemeth & Bruce Hedland-Thomas. Published by Bruce Hedland Thomas. (I have a copy. Bruce is a direct descendant of Peter and Ellen Hedland. Sadly Bruce passed away in 2012.)

They Kept This State Afloat : shipbuilders, boatbuilders and shipwights of WA, 1929-1929 / by Rod Dickson. Published by Hesperion Press, 1988. (I have a copy. The Chamberlains are covered on pages 51-56)

The Lady Was Not a Spy /by "Jungle" Jim Davies. Published by Jim Davies 1992. (I have a copy. Basil Woods gets a mention on page 80.)


Shark Bay Legends /by Russell Cooper. Published by Rawlhouse Publishing Pty Ltd 1997. (I have a copy. The Adams Family is featured in pages 88-95.)

Shark Bay Days /by G.W. Fry. Published by Hesperion Press, 1995. (I have a copy. The book was written by Frederick Adams' brother in law, Mick Fry. Fred amd Mollie get a mention on page 36.)

George Oglesby King : A Convicts Descendants & Ancestors /by Jo-anne Lowick. Published by Jo-anne Lowick. (I have a copy. The family of Thomas Oglesby King, who married Charlotte Chamberlain, starts on page 89.)

Time Reveals All : Degner Family Motto by Heather de Sain. Published by Heather de Sain. (I have a copy. Lots of NSW Chamberlain family tree details.)

Thomas Peel of Swan River /by Alexandra Hasluck. Published by Oxford University Press 1965. (I have a copy.)

Mandurah and Pinjarrah : History of Thomas Peel and The Peel Estate 1829-1865 / by W.C. Smart. Publsihed by Paterson Brokensha Pty Ltd, 1956. (I have a copy.)

The Ship Rockingham / by R.H. Shardlow. Produced by The Shire of Rockinham. (I have a copy.)

History of Fremantle : The Front gate of Australia 1829-1929 / by J.K. Hitchcock. Published by Fremantle City Council, 1929. (I have a cpoy. The family is mentioned on pages 19, 27, 28, 98, 115 and 116.)